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The Comfort of Home-Anywhere


Intex Classic Downy Airbed

What happens when you combine convenience, luxury and low price? Intex answers that question with its line of airbeds, and pays special attention to the “classic downy” airbed. The Intex Classic Downy Airbed product is an airbed by Intex, a company that specializes in inflatable products. The Classic Downy is a more luxurious model of home bed, even though it remains portable and easy to set up. This classic style bed features a twin size, full size and queen size and measures eight and ¾ inches think.

Specifications of the Intex Classic Downy Airbed
The bed’s thickness makes it extra comfortable and able to fit any conventional mattress sheet. Despite the fact that the airbed is only 8.3 pounds, when it is inflated it can hold up to 300 pounds for the twin size and up to 600 pounds for the two larger sizes. Any twin, full or queen size sheet can fit the bed.

When it comes to construction, the bed is sturdy and dependable. The airbed does not slip, leak or puncture, thanks to its new age technology. The bed has been created using wave beam construction, and this ensures its stabilized surface. The pumping system features a 2-in-1 valve for inflating, which means the entire process can be done in just a few minutes. The valve system has extra wide openings for inflation and deflation. Included with this purchase is a separate battery pump system. Using a battery operated pump system allows you to take this bed literally anywhere.

The Luxurious Feel of a Classic Downy Bed
It can be used as a second bed in your house or even outside on camping trips and the like. The battery pump lets you automatically fill the airbed with air, customizing the comfort level of your new portable bed. Once you are done lying on it you can deflate the bed and then fold it into a provided duffel bag. Storing your full or queen size bed has never been easier! You can now literally walk from town to town always having a place to lay your head.

The Intex Classic Downy Airbed doesn’t feel like a balloon bed and it even feels better than the average Intex camping bed. This bed offers a luxurious surface by way of a waterproof-flocked top. This keeps the bed durable and comfortable. The flocked top means that it can clean easily. The fact that it’s waterproof makes it ideal for camping. The feel is comfortable, as the bed is made from heavy gauge vinyl, which keeps you warm even in air-conditioned homes. The quality-tested top is made from 20.8 gauge material while the vinyl beams are 14 gauge and the bottom is 15 gauge vinyl.

Satisfied and Hard-Sleeping Intex Customers Say…
Buyers who have sampled the Intex Classic Downy bed speak for its comfort and convenience. It is a bed that allows multiple sleeping positions while never feeling too soft or too firm (the customization lets you decide). When it’s time for cleaning the Intex Classic bed can be cleaned with just a vacuum cleaner. Some buyers even claim they can use a vacuum cleaner as a pump.

The bed is dark blue in color and will go well with sheets, blankets and pillows of your choosing. Some Intex customers have claimed that the bed never leaks and that re-firming the mattress is typically not necessary. It is large enough to support two people if you buy the full or queen size bed.

The low price and high quality makes this an ideal purchase for frequent travelers, guests, slumber parties and even camping trips. Nobody really likes sleeping on the couch or sleeping on a tent floor. Providing a bed as comfy as the one in your own bedroom is a nice touch.

Intex Classic Downy Beds are exclusive distributed by Ban Kee Trading, Inc. Available in all Handyman stores nationwide.

Lounge Around with the new Intex Lounge Series

Intex, world’s leader of inflatable products, has a fresh and new design concept called the Lounge’n Collection, guaranteed to attract a loyal following of young adults!

The Lounge’n Series comprises of items perfect for relaxing – indoor or outdoor. Comes in bright colors and design to fit all decors and budget.



It’s the coolest seat in the house! With a new and innovative structure all-around that gives you the comfort of a beanbag with the support of your favorite chair. Comes with a removable inflatable backrest for extra back support. Comfortable as it is unique. Also comes in an assortment of bright colors – Magenta Pink, Lime Green and Lilac Purple.


It is a comfortable 2-person lounge and is engineered for serious relaxing. Perfect when watching tv or reading a good book. It also comes with a cup holder for refreshments. This sofa lounge has an extra-wide valve openings that would enable you to inflate and deflate in no time and be ready to go in minutes! Pampered seating for two – anytime, anywhere!

Has attractive contours from any angle. The beauty of this lounge chair is matched only by its comfort. Contact surfaces on the top and sides are lined with flocking for the touch of luxury. Also comes with a cup holder for refreshments. Inflate and deflate in 3 minutes tops! No sweat!


A great bean bag without the hassle of beanbag inserts and slipcovers. Simply unfold and inflate. Folds compactly for storage when not in use. Comes in an assortment of vivid colors to brighten up any room – Magenta Pink, Lime Green and Lilac Purple. Have a super soft bean bag in a matter of minutes! Perfect for studying, reading and lounging.


What are they?
GoGo’s Crazy Bones (also referred to as CrazyBones or GoGo’s) are small, collectible figurines kids nowadays are crazy about! Characters come in hundreds of colors and designs, each with its own name, design, personality and special ability. They are cute, funny, silly, crazy and interesting looking. Each character comes with a sticker that you can put in a sticker album. Other than the collectible nature of Crazy Bones, there are multiple games that can be played with the figurines that the kids will surely enjoy. The games are reminiscent of old games like marbles and jacks, but with a new twist.

gogos crazy bones2

Cary Bones, inventor of GoGo’s Brazy Bones, was inspired by a children’s game played in Ancient Greece and Rome called “Astragal” (Knucklebones), where children played a similar game using sheep’s knucklebones. This ancient pastime is also known as Tabas. Games played are reminiscent of marbles and jacks. Crazy Bones is a modern version of this game, played with characters molded from plastic. There are hundreds of individual characters, each character having a unique face and name. Each series has a number of “rare” pieces that are sought after by collectors and are sold on numerous websites for many times their original value.

Visit your favorite toy sore and learn more about these hottest collectibles!

Exclusively distributed by Ban Kee Trading, Inc.

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